Edith Fikes is a photographer and writer with a specific interest in architecture, space, and our relationships with objects and things of all sizes -and then how these things come together in the form of books that tend take a separate shape of their own. 

In 2009, she completed her studies in The Comparative History of Ideas at the University of Washington in Seattle, where she studied architectural photography with HABS photographer, John Stamets and received a minor in Architectural Studies. 

Edith Fikes received an M.A. in the History of Architecture in 2012 from Cornell University and is currently an M.F.A. candidate in Image Text at the Ithaca College Park School of Communications. Professionally, she has approached and worked within the design disciplines in various ways; commercially, academically, and creatively. Her current work is an inquiry into the possible relationships images, or series' of images, have have with text and its familiar structures.